From Beirut to London in 100 Dishes

the itunes dictator

IMG_4342I have many grave concerns

That prey upon my mind

To hold firm or give way

To fail my father’s memory


A statue of dark rectitude

Rising instead of the sun

Such unbending driven will

And me? Just temporary…


Until I can play the dark lord

As well as any teenage geek

But really pulverize the fools

Till they embrace submission


My love am I the man I was?

They’re killing in my name

Burning it to blubber

Animals on commission…


Will they come for my girls

When there’s nothing else to kill

They couldn’t touch those eyes

Couldn’t squish them to mush


You threw my discs away –

Everything I do I do it for you

All day i’ve been downloading –

I know my love now hush…



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